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parminder Singh toor green header photo


Parminder Singh Toor was born in Nangla village in Tohana District to Devender Singh. As a child, he enjoyed the company of the elders in his family, was always helpful, and loved traveling with his family. His ever helpful nature as a child made him a social worker later in his life.



He was a bright student who thoroughly enjoyed learning. He studied in his village during his initial schooling days and later moved to Akal Academy in Baru Saheb Himachal Pradesh where he graduated his high school. After his high school, he wanted to learn more beyond what Indian educational institutions could provide. He wanted to learn amidst various cultures and backgrounds. He was curious about world politics and what the universe has in store for him beyond India. So with an ambition to explore and learn, he moved to Germany for his higher studies.

Life in Germany:

In Germany, he struggled in his initial days as a foreigner. But it didn’t take him too long to get himself acquainted with the people there because of his humility and kindness. To the surprise of his family, he ended up making good friends there who would go to his place every weekend because they loved his cooking.

Studying on foreign soil is not easy for anyone and it wasn’t easy for him too. But if you know him personally, you would know that he is not the type of person who would give up easily. One thing he is an expert at is ‘Hard work’. And maybe for that reason, he is loved by many and too many- he became a competition.

In his college days, he took part in various programs where they work for the betterment of the under-privilege. Even outside of the project, he is someone who is known for frequently visiting old-age homes and spending time with the elderly destitute.

Life in Britain:

Parminder Singh Toor moved to Britain after his education in Germany. In Britain, he no longer struggled to adjust to the life and culture there as much as he did in Germany. He started working in a small company where he earned himself a decent lifestyle. He enjoyed the company of his British friends but never missed out on any occasion that brought Indians living in Britain together.

During his days in Britain, he involved himself in many charity and social causes for children in Britain and around the world. It was during one of his involvement in a social cause where he met the love of his life Mrs(), who he later married.

Coming back to INDIA:

He had a loving wife and children, a good paycheck every month that allows him a pretty decent lifestyle. But this Indian man can’t seem to move on from the beautiful memories of his beautiful hometown. He may be a million miles away from India, but India always has a place in his heart and his mind. So one day, he packed his bags and moved to India with a vision- to give back to his society.

After having married in Britian and raising children of his own, he decided to come back to his home country INDIA.  In India, he involved himself in various charities and social work that later landed him a place in politics.

Parminder Singh Toor Social work:


  • When Corona happened leaving the nation in chaos, an old couple from Tohana district named Jagdeep Singh Baral and Kaur vati Baral both tested positive for covid. In their most trying times, they were left completely alone by their friends and family because of the stigma surrounding the virus. As they were struggling to get medical treatment while trying to meet their ends meet, Mr. Jagdeep Singh Baral’s condition worsened and needed immediate oxygen supply.
  • Unfortunately, they were not in possession of enough cash to procure an oxygen supply or get himself admitted to a private hospital. To add to their misery, all their friends and family turned their back on them. Since their business went down during the lockdown, they ran out of even their last saving.
  • As they tried their best means to reach out to anyone who could help them, Parminder Singh Toor heard about them. Upon hearing the news about their misery, he helped them to get the medical treatment they need. Not only did he made sure they were medically treated but upon learning that they were living alone and have no one to look after them, he provided a sufficient amount of ration to help them sustain themselves during the corona period.


  • In Hisar district, an 11years old girl named Nisha Kumar needed an immediate eye surgery without which she will lose her eyesight forever. Few months back, her parents, who were hardly making ends meet had to run from one hospital to another hoping they could find a cure and if there was at all a possibility of curing her without the need for a surgery. Some doctors would promise a cure but failed while some doctors would advice them to take her to bigger hospital.
  • As time passed, her condition worsened and on the other hand, her parents were losing all hopes of getting her cured. Nisha’s sickness made her parents to decide that one of them stays back home to take care of her, while other one goes to work. Once a happy family of daily wage labourer now became a nightmare. While Nisha’s father worked overtime, her mother too had sold all her jewellery including the one her mother gifted her. Unfortunately, they ran out of all the money they had before Nisha could be cured.
  • Parminder Singh Toor accidentally heard about Nisha’s condition from an NGO he was associated with.  Upon hearing the news, he made an immediate visit to their place. The same night, he took Nisha and her family to a renowned hospital in the nearby town. Later, it was learned that Nisha needed immediate surgery to avoid Losing her eye. On the very next day, a major eye surgery was conducted on Nisha that saved her eye.
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